RainWare LLC functions as a "non-profit" society. Operating costs are easily sustained and profits are placed directly into your neighborhood! Using member feedback RainWare funds various community projects to improve the quality of life for our members. Some of the benefits of a RainWare network follow...

Rural areas often suffer heavily from outsourcing labor and materials. Reliable high-speed Internet access gives people in our community an advantage. We know that by providing broadband that we open many rural places to employment opportunities that were never before available. Affordable, reliable Internet access lends heavily to more job opportunities. In turn, a more sustainable community blossoms as there is no longer the need to move away for employment.



Community support and involvement are key to each area RainWare serves! This comes in many forms: investors, volunteers, and landowners - just to name a few. Your community has so much to gain from RainWare!  We provide secure wireless broadband services for schools, government buildings, physically isolated locations, and underserved communities!

Veteran owned and operated, RainWare LLC was formed in an effort to bridge the digital divide.  We implement industry proven technical practices, management and leadership skills, and decades of computing experience to provide secure, fast, reliable, sustainable computer networks to entire communities and townships using Wi-Fi technologies.