Each community with RainWare is comprised of shares. These shares support build-out in the immediate area. Shares are a re-investment in your neighborhood. We also offer grants to local residents and bootstrap businesses. For more details please see the shareholder prospectus on the Resources page.

  1. All shareholders are members of RainWare. Limited to one vote per member.
  2. Minimum shareholding:
  3. Maximum shareholding:
  4. Shares must be held for a minimum of 3 years.
  5. After 3 years, interest of 5% may be paid out or reinvested.
  6. Shares can only ever be resold to RainWare at $0.25 USD / share.


RainWare invites you to invest with us! Functioning as a non-profit we have little interest in commercial speculation of our stock. Each area that invites RainWare will need to raise the investment to cover the costs associated with their initial setup.



RainWare also accepts a limited number of 5 year loans from the community, paying 4% interest. If you would like more information please see RainWare's loan prospectus on the Resources page.