RainWare is a WIRELESS network. We use advanced WiFi radio technology, coupled with industry proven virtual mapping techniques (GIS), and a handful of other resources, to provide reliable broadband Internet access to our customers. Our methods produce a significantly smaller carbon footprint than traditional, wired, computer networks.



RainWare recognizes the need for broadband Internet access in rural areas that won't break the bank, so we design computer networks that are capable of overcoming many of the costs associated with traditional networks. We service areas with broadband Internet for a fraction of the cost of our competitors!

We don't like to brag, but here are a few other advantages we have over our competition:

  • Leverage the power of community! Our network is capable of incredible growth.
  • Implement GIS and other mapping techniques in elements of network design! Proper planning is essential!
  • Reclaim our volunteers aging towers! By reusing existing resources you save tons!
  • Deploy reasonably priced carrier grade equipment! Operating on unlicensed frequencies, yet in accordance to FCC Regulations. Unlicensed frequencies mean that we don't have to pay fees to use FCC restricted spectrums.
  • Employ various network topologies and connection types!  PTMP and PTP connections and utilizing all residents as wireless repeaters RainWare is capable of exponential reach. 
    Wireless signals do not need large towers or to consume massive amounts of electricity. We use solar-powered battery backups to ensure network reliability. Wireless communications do not require major changes to the local envrionment - thus leaving a small carbon footprint. RainWare reduces, reuses, and recycles by repairing deteriorating structures (such as TV masts, CB towers, silos, etc.) when costs permit.

That's how we deliver Broadband! Anywhere!