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Rural areas often suffer heavily from outsourcing labor and materials. Reliable broadband  Internet access gives our community an advantage. We understand that by supplying the infrastructure that we open many rural places to employment opportunities that were never before available. Affordable, reliable Internet access lends heavily to more job opportunities. RainWare provides jobs to our service areas by employing our friends and neighbors to install, maintain, and administrate our networks. In turn, a more sustainable community blossoms as there is no longer the need to move away for employment.



Churches and common areas are provided with FREE Internet access. Often, in the spirit of sharing, these places opt to join the OpenWireless Movement


If RainWare is available in your area and you would like to subscribe to RainWare Internet Services please complete this short survey and a representative will contact you. If you would like RainWare in your area, but we have yet to reach your area. Please remember that we are driven by local volunteers, so get connected and read about how your community can make it happen.